Who we are?

Brighter Host is a division of Brighter Technology Inc. (BTI).  We offer affordable web hosting solution with a business focus.  For most businesses in today's market, your website needs to be more than just an on-line brochure for your company.  You have to actually integrate parts your business with the your website, offer product & services, provide live data, or on-line interaction.  Making your website fit your business needs is were we can help. 

How it works:

Small businesses (like yours) have technology needs and if you choose us to take care of them, we assign you a single customer rep / personal project manager to make sure your needs at met.  When you need a new website, or just some customization, we collect all project requirements and build a job portal at BrighterTechnology.com.  We then assemble a team of technical experts to get the job done. Your BTI Project Manager will coordinate all work, track progress, and keep you up to date.  We find this method gives you a single point of contact, allows you to have as much (or as little) involvement as you want, and produces more consistent results. 


Where does BrighterHost.com fit in?

This is the web hosting arm of BTI.  Most of our projects help companies move a part (or all) of their business operations to a web interface.  By providing web hosting services as part of your business solution, we offer much better technical support, improved security, data backup services and much more.   This "bundled" approach also helps you by reducing overall cost.  


Support Options:

The BrighterHost/BrighterTechnology marriage also enables us to offer advanced tech support packages which cover your hosting plan, any custom work on your website, and any technical issues that might pop up in your office!  That's right, our team of tech savvy professional, are at your disposal to fix or support any of your technology needs.  Our support packages include a pre-defined number of hours per month which you can use however you want.  


What does it all mean?

If you are a small business, this means you get more services than you would get with other hosting companies.  Most "main stream" hosting companies do not even offer web design, custom programming and advanced tech support services.  If they do, it will not be cost effective for small businesses.

If you are a motivated I.T. professional, do quality work, want to work from home and play nice with others, you will want to contact us!  In addition to being able to get projects from us, we offer web hosting discounts, billing and accounting services, the freedom to work from home on your own schedule.  And best of all - a structured project management designed which keep the project moving forward without taking away the joys of working from home.  To learn more visit Brighter Technology Inc.